William Robinson Brown
One of the premier Arabian horse breeders in America, Brown founded his Maynesboro Stud in 1912 with stock he purchased from the Davenport Estate and Spencer Borden, later importing Heirloom horses from the Crabbet Stud in England and the Manial Stud of Prince Mohamed Aly of Egypt. From 1918 to 1939, Brown served as the third President of the Arabian Horse Club, the first all-Arabian registry in the world. At the time of his retirement, the Club paid tribute to his contributions, including the fact that with "careful judgement and thorough preparation, he competed in the United States Endurance Tests with such success as to re-establish the peerless reputation of the Arabian Horse for endurance." Brown's broad knowledge about the Arabian horse, its history, nature, and propagation, is available today within the pages of his authoritative book, The Horse of the Desert (1929).

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