Many bloodlines within the Heirloom herd trace to the Anazeh, one of the largest Bedouin horse-breeding tribes of Desert Arabia in the nineteenth century. All Al Khamsa Arabian horses descend entirely from horses bred by the nomadic tribes of the Arabian peninsula, including the Anazeh, Shammar, Muntifiq, Ajman, and the Muteyr. A succinct description of the Bedouin is given by Roger D. Upton in his book Gleanings from the Desert of Arabia, written shortly after his journey to Arabia in 1874: "The tribes of the Badaween are very numerous, some poorer, some very rich and powerful; collectively they are a great, free, rich, pastoral, and yet at the same time a warlike people, and have no exact parallel in history. The Badaween have laws of their own, a traditional code of morality strictly kept, a policy as between tribe and tribe, and a system of government in each tribe, and alliances, which are faithfully observed."

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